How Do You Get a Guy To Hit On You?

Have your eye on a guy, however he’s yet to notice you, make a pass, or show any sort of interest? While I can’t guarantee that every single guy will hit on you if you try this, I can say with certainty that someone will. The gent you have in mind might have a different body type he likes, or a girlfriend, or is at work… or who knows what. It doesn’t matter. What does matter however is that you know how to get a guy’s attention when you want to, without him even realizing what you’ve done.

Let’s start!

First, Make Eye Contact

Get to a space or place where you can make eye contact with the guy you’re crushing on, and then make eye contact with him. That might mean moving positions, putting yourself in his line of sight, or just watching him until he looks your way. Having said this, please do so in a playful, fun and light manner – it’s very unattractive if you’re yelling, being aggressive, or otherwise making yourself big and unnoticeable.

We want you to exude womanliness and beauty here, not “one of the guys”.

When you do make eye contact, hold it a bit longer than you find comfortable and then look down. Why down? When you look up, you’re signalling that you’re not interested – literally, you’re rolling your eyes at the guy. Look sideways and you’re telling him you’re unsure about your interest, and need to scan the space to see if there’s a more suitable partner nearby. Look down and you’re showing you’re a bit flustered, embarrassed, taken away and interested, and that the resonance between the two of you was so intense, you had to look away to compose yourself.

Make Eye Contact Again, And…

Once you’ve had one prolonged bout of eye contact, do it again a few minutes later. And, again. Three times should be enough to get the message across, and try to prolong the eye contact each time. By doing this, you’re telling the man it’s safe to approach you and that you’re interested… however most men (when using this tactic) will decidedly say that they were the one hitting on you and flirting with you, when you were actually the one initiating the interaction.

After the first bout, if you haven’t already, make sure your shoulders and/or feet face the guy in question, even if the rest of your body doesn’t. Ensure your posture is impeccable, your eyes sparkling, and enjoy yourself – there are few things more attracting than a healthy woman genuinely having fun. If you’re really bold, look at stroking your glass, your hair, your arms, your hands, as if he were doing it instead. Try to make it look like an afterthought, just something you’re doing with your body, with zero intention or even awareness. (It’s tricky! Feel free to practice at home, or tell your girlfriends what you’re doing so they can have fun with it too and help).

Wait For Him To Approach You

Now, it’s a waiting game. If he hasn’t approached you within 15 minutes, make a point of walking by him. Excuse yourself to the washroom and take the long route, ask if you can use something from his table, whatever it takes you get you physically closer and within his sphere of influence. Again though, make sure that this is light, casual and fun – you want it to seem like you’re just doing whatever you’re doing, and that he just happens to be there.

When you get close, make contact in some way. Touch his back gently to “move” him if it’s crowded, make eye contact again, ask for a napkin, comment on something he’s wearing, whatever you can do and feel comfy with, do it. Then, walk to your pre-determined destination, and do so a bit slower and with a bit more hip sway than normal. By swaying your hips, you’re showing him that you’re interested, available, and healthy. Again though, this must appear natural! Practice before you try this, or just play your favorite sexy song in your head while walking, and strut to that beat.

When you get back to your seat or original place, make eye contact again, and smile before looking down. If he still hasn’t come over to talk to you, it’s time to move on to something, or someone else. In most of the cases where I’ve asked clients to try this however, the guy is usually hightailing it over by the second bout of eye contact.