How to Be Sexy When You’re Married

At some point in history, being sexy and being married became opposites. No one seems to know when or why this happened. But when news of your engagement spread, you probably heard from friends, who warned you that this would mark the end of your beauty and your husband’s six pack (if he ever had … Read more

I’m Not Ready To Have Sex Yet. How Do I Tell My Boyfriend?

Nerissa asks, “I’ve been dating my boyfriend for the past year. He’s ready to have sex, but I’m not. How can I tell him I’m not ready yet without losing our relationship?” First off, let’s discuss where your relationship is at. I’m assuming it’s serious just by the length of time you’ve dated, but the … Read more

How Do You Get a Guy To Hit On You?

Have your eye on a guy, however he’s yet to notice you, make a pass, or show any sort of interest? While I can’t guarantee that every single guy will hit on you if you try this, I can say with certainty that someone will. The gent you have in mind might have a different body type … Read more

8 Things to Know about Online Dating

Online dating is appealing to students and working people with limited free time. In a society that values constant rushing, it’s hard to feel like you have enough time and energy to put toward the daunting task of finding a mate. And, even if you do have the time, where do you go to meet … Read more

Techniques for Expanding Your Orgasm Potential

It’s a happy fact that orgasms beget orgasms. Meaning that most people find the more orgasms they have, the more easily they orgasm in the future. Whether you’re looking for immediate gratification or long-term payoff, learning more about your orgasmic potential will likely bring satisfaction on several levels. The idea of “building” a better orgasm isn’t meant to make … Read more