How to Be Sexy When You’re Married

At some point in history, being sexy and being married became opposites. No one seems to know when or why this happened. But when news of your engagement spread, you probably heard from friends, who warned you that this would mark the end of your beauty and your husband’s six pack (if he ever had one). The words, “sexless” and “like prison” may have been uttered. It’s just not true. Marriage brings sexy back – in an entirely new and unexpected way. While you might no longer paint the town red in shirts that present your breasts as though they are on a platter and hubby’s abs may turn 40 and go the way of the Ice Age, you can still be ultra sexy for each other. Here’s how:

1. Brush your hair.

This sounds crazy. But I know plenty of women – and many more men – who forget where they put their hairbrush on weekends and holidays. This becomes especially true after children are born. Trust me. While bed head can be sexy, it’s amazing how putting in a little effort can lift your spirits and confidence. In doing so, everyone will notice your glow. You get extra points if you wash your hair first.

2. Wear nice underwear.

You don’t have to channel your inner Victoria’s Secret model. You just have to avoid old panties and boxers. You know the ones. You might have had them since the ninth grade or they have holes in them or they are of the granny variety. Ladies, I realize you might need those granny panties once a month, and that’s all right. But don’t go putting them on when you don’t have your period. Also, wear matching bras and panties, even if they are comfortable and plain cotton. The matching will make you feel more put together, and your husband will appreciate the view when he undresses you. Men, no more holes. And please, please, please, no tire tracks. Not ever. 

3. Do an unexpected household chore.

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me hotter than seeing my husband wash a dish or change a diaper. These are chores that I usually do. Because I know how much work they can be, I appreciate the effort. When he takes the 10 to 20 minutes it may take to do these tasks, he is giving me 10 to 20 minutes to do something else. Granted, I may need them to dust, sweep, mop, work on one of these here stories, or read our son a book. But he is still giving me the gift of time. That’s priceless – and therefore super sexy – in a world of overstuffed schedules. And it means I may have an extra 10 or 20 minutes later on, so we can have some fun together. Wink, wink. 

4. Dress up.

Sure, a sexy dress or elegant suit make a great impression. You might even have to wear these to go to the office or for special occasions. I’m sure your spouse enjoys seeing you in them. But you probably wear sweats, yoga pants, or that fraternity T-shirt from your college days when you’re hanging out at home. Sometimes, that can be sexy. Been there. And it’s perfectly understandable to want to be comfortable on your time off. But why not throw on a new T-shirt and jeans or a summer dress when the two of you are just chilling? Or you can invest in “fancy sweats,” the kind that you pull out when you want to make more of an effort than that same old loungewear.

5. Be sweet.

Being sweet is the definition of sexy when you’re in it for life. So, make your spouse dinner, put out the candles, run a bath, bring home flowers, write a love letter. Even sending a quick text in the middle of the day to say that you are thinking of your spouse sends the message that you care. And there’s nothing sexier than that.